Where Excellence Is Expected.

We construct our homes with passion.

About Us

This family owned and operated company remains dedicated to constructing some of the highest quality homes in and around the Tampa Bay area. The structure that the brother and sister team of Adam Danner and Deborah Brown have created allows for the unparalleled personal attention each and every client receives throughout each project. From the early stages of site selection to the finishing touches of your dream home, availability and accessibility are crucial to keep each project on schedule and without error.

The ultimate goal at RSB Construction is to maintain that solid reputation of personal service while upholding the pride and detail evident in each completed project. From the highest quality products, to the skilled craftsmanship installing these products, RSB remains committed to it’s client’s investment.

“Our mindset is not to build as many homes or projects as we possibly can each year” co-owner Adam Danner states, “but rather, passionately construct those that we do choose to build.” This mindset has proven successful and beneficial to many RSB customers. No matter the size or value of the project, every detail is exploited to provide you, the valued customer, with the most well constructed, most beautiful home you desire!


At RSB, our focus ia always on the “Post Closing Experience”. The building process can be difficult, but the living process should not. This mindset forces us to think long term. We strive for the best building practices and materials to Ensure the QUALITY is in our product for many many years to come.


We use some of the best CRAFTSMEN in the business. Most of our subcontractors have been with us from the very beginning. We don’t “shop” around for lower skilled labor, because the new guys don’t know the “RSB” way! It’s a way that works. It’s a way that really shows in the details.


Our 2 person “team” offers a PERSONAL level of service, most builders can’t provide. This more direct interaction between client and builder allows for fewer errors, and frustrations. Be assured the boss is always on the job!


We realize our houses are a reflection of us. Our reputation is everything. The PRIDE we take in each step of each project is clear to clients. All RSB Characteristics lead us down one path. That path is to continue to offer exceptional homes!